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Wireless device vendors face new challenges in today’s market.  On one hand, they have the same basic goal as all businesses:  to bring newer and better products to market faster than the competition, at lower cost.  On the other hand, the market conditions are especially demanding.  Rapid technological changes and competitive pressures have drastically reduced time to market.  Companies must often implement emerging technologies or develop new features while standards and specifications are still being written.

Vitendo provides long-term technology partnerships to wireless operators and equipment providers for building next-generation communication solutions.  Vitendo’s turnkey solutions increase its customers’ long-term competitive advantage, by adding to and enhancing their core competencies. Our solutions help our customers create new revenue streams, leveraging the fusion of desktop, mobile and web based technologies.

At Vitendo, we address all aspects of product development cycle — from chasis, hardware, firmware, middleware, and application development.

As a technology partner, Vitendo enables equipment providers to respond to their customers efficiently with the best solution.  Vitendo’s functional expertise includes the following areas:

o    In-depth knowledge of key network technologies (GSM, UTRAN, LTE, IMS)
o    Product definition and design
o    Hardware and Software development

Vitendo offers one-stop solutions for producing market-ready solutions.  We offer the following focused services:

Reference design development:  Support for developing reference designs and evaluation boards, including architectural design, logic design, device drivers, prototype development, and complete documentation for manufacturing.
Application porting: With its cross platform expertise, Vitendo can help customer port device from one OS/platform to another.
Application development:  Development of cross platform applications based on the followings operating systems:

  • Android
  • Windows Mobile
  • Windows (Windows 2000 to Windows 7)
  • Embedded Linux
  • Nucleus
  • Proprietary OS

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